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purita mask pack,purita bb cream

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mask pack

Just like a home spa, it eases tired skin
Mix of functional essences that improves skin,
by providing water-care to deep part of skin, keeps skin moisturized,
Use cotton-sheet of natural vegetable materials,
Trusty maskpack for delicate skin type

various types-30items

snail, snake venom, bee venom, makgeolli, diamond
pearl, coenzyme Q10, collagen, hyaluronic acid, rose, 
aloe, lemon, royal jelly, propolis, arbutin
milk, pomegranate, charcoal, loess, platinum
cucumber, gold, caviar, green tea, mango
avocado, EGF, acerola, red ginseng, wine
Optional Information
- Origin : Made in Korea
- Minimum Order : 600
- Packaging : sheet in pouch/ 100 pouches in box/ 6 boxes in carton


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